New associate professor at UiB

Vadim Kimmelman joined the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies on January 1, 2019. He is a linguist working primarily on the grammar of sign languages. He speaks Russian, English and Dutch and is of course learning Norwegian now.

Temporary job opening at LocTeam

LocTeam in Barcelona is looking for a computational linguist who is a native speaker of Chinese (Taiwan, Hong Kong), English (South Africa, Ireland, Singapore), Danish or Norwegian. For more information contact

New PhD courses

LingPhil has announced eight PhD courses in the autumn of 2017. Check it out and start registering now.  Also, this year’s LingPhil Summer School still has vacant places.

Biggest linguistic experiment ever?

An online game has become so popular that it provides huge data about human language identification, according to a post at MPI.

Language equality in the digital age

The study “Language equality in the digital age – Towards a Human Language Project” was published by the STOA Committee of the European Parliament.

Cover story

Language Technology is on the cover of the first issue of  “The Economist”
in 2017, and the issue contains a long article on the theme.

Mons 17 i Bergen sikret

Forskningsrådets program FriHumSam har bevilget garantimidler til språkkonferansen MONS 17 (Møte om norsk språk 2017). Konferansen, som går annet hvert år og på omgang mellom universitetene i Norge, avholdes i Bergen i november. Her møtes forskere fra både nordisk og lingvistiske fag.