Scarrie showcase

Examples of advanced spelling and grammar correction in Norwegian

A. Advanced correction capabilities with or without sentence parsing.

Correction of typos and misspellings

Gjennomgåede, skjikkelse, metalll, activering.

SCARRIE corrects based on similarity with respect to both spelling and pronunciation.

#1#Gjennomgåede, #2#skjikkelse, #3#metalll, #4#activering.

--> 1.Gjennomgående 2.skikkelse 3.metall 4.aktivering

Recognition of newly formed compounds

Benzenringstrukturen, informasjonsbehandlingssystem, problemløsningsprosessen, kreativitetslitteraturen og korrekturlesningsprogram.

SCARRIE accepts new compounds which can be analyzed as acceptable combinations of existing words.

Signalling of repeated sequences

En mann og en og en kvinne.

SCARRIE detects and signals repeated sequences of words.

En mann $!5$og en og en kvinne.

--> 5.Word repetition.

Correction of diacritical marks

De beste idéene kommer ikke fra idèskaperne.

SCARRIE corrects wrong diacritic marks such as accents.

De beste #6#idéene kommer ikke fra #7#idèskaperne.

--> 6.ideene 7.idéskaperne

Multi-word expressions and abbreviations

De spiller bl. a. commedia del'arte at absurdum.

SCARRIE corrects words in their local context. Even if del and at are valid words out of context, they must be corrected when they occur in certain fixed expressions. Spaces in abbreviations are normalized when needed.

De spiller bl.$!8$ a. commedia #9#del'arte #10#at absurdum.

--> 8.Remove'arte

Correction of style and written norms

Røkt kyllingbein smaker godt.

SCARRIE can enforce written styles or norms by translating words to variants in a different norm or style if desired. The example shows a mixture of a 'radical' norm and a 'conservative' norm in Bokmål, which in this case is converted to conservative. This works even in new compounds.

Røkt #11#kyllingbein smaker godt.

--> 11.kyllingben

B. Advanced correction capabilities with sentence parsing

Correction of incorrectly joined words

Gamle hus må holdes vedlike.

SCARRIE detects words which are incorrectly joined and proposes splitting them.

Gamle hus må holdes $!1$vedlike.

--> 1.Replace "vedlike" by "ved like"

Correction of incorrectly split compounds

Tjeneste ansiennitet er viktig.

SCARRIE detects compounds which are incorrectly split into two words and proposes joining them.

$!2$Tjeneste ansiennitet er viktig.

--> 2.Concatenate "tjenesteansiennitet"?

Correction of gender, number and definiteness agreement

Et morsomt gutt ler.

SCARRIE detects wrong gender agreement and proposes a correction that makes the noun phrase is grammatical.

#3#Et #4#morsomt gutt ler.

--> 3.En 4.morsom

En morsom gutten ler.

SCARRIE detects wrong definiteness agreement and proposes a correction that makes the noun phrase is grammatical.

En morsom #5#gutten ler.

--> 5.gutt

De morsom gutten ler.

SCARRIE detects wrong number and definiteness agreement and proposes a correction that makes the noun phrase is grammatical.

#6#De #7#morsom gutten ler.

--> 6.Den 7.morsomme

Correction of style or written norm in grammatical context

Adapsjonsevna di er dårlig.

SCARRIE adapts words to chosen styles or written norms, if desired, and does so while taking into account the grammatical context. In conservative Bokmål:

#8#Adapsjonsevna din er dårlig.

--> 8.Adapsjonsevnen

In radical Bokmål:

Adapsjonsevna #8#din er dårlig.

--> 8.di

Correction of verbal inflection forms

Jeg vil administrerer testen.

SCARRIE detects and corrects inflection forms of verbs which do not fit in the grammatical context.

Jeg vil #9#administrerer testen.

--> 9.administrere