Double seminar on corpora

The research group LaMoRe will present a double seminar on corpora on Friday February 15, 2019 from 12:15 to 14:00:

12:15 Daniela Gîfu: An Insight into the Romanian Lexical Resources RODICA & CoRoLa
Two different corpora on Romanian will be presented: (1) CoRoLA – Contemporary Romanian Language, and (2) RODICA – ROmanian DIachonic Corpus with Annotations. Insights will be given in their construction and use. See also the NLP resources at UAIC.

13:15 Seong Cho: Development and Annotation of a Corpus on Rumors and Speculations
The aim of this research is identifying rumors and speculations in the news that indicate that an acquisition event might occur in the future, e.g. “Apple is thinking about acquiring Tidal” and “Apple might acquire Tidal”. An approach toward annotation of a corpus with such sentences will be presented.

Room HF 400 (fourth floor, HF-bygget)

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